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Company C, 192nd Tank Battalion
Port Clinton, Ohio

The 42 Men
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From Left to Right
Bottom Row: Second Row: Third Row: Fourth Row:

Edward E. Grogg *
Silas B. Legrow *
John L. Short *
Virgil C. Janes*
Harold R. Beggs *
Wade W. Chio *
Chester S. Decant †*
John J. Morine *
John Miklo *
Edsel Kirk
George Smith

Elmer N. Smith *
George Carr
Andrew Migala
Ray Conley
Robert S. Sorensen †*
Joseph Bradock
Harold W. Collins *
Arthur V. Burholt *
Carl Meagan
Virgil Gordon
John R. Andrews *

Olen C. Elwell *
Joseph J. Wierzchon *
Henry Wierzba
Steve M. Eliyas *
Joseph J. Hrupcho*
Joseph W. Beard *
Alton M. Dodway *
Kennneth E. Thompson*
Howard M. Woodrich †*

Joseph Zam. *
John Kovach, Jr. *
John D. Minier *
Jacob A. Schmitt *
Rollie S. Harger *
James W. O'Brien *
Russell D. Simon *
John G. Kolesar *
Charles R. Boeshart*
Charles P. Chaffin *
John Reed

Died in Combat, Death March, or condtions while prisoner of war.

* * Served on the Bataan Peninsula. 32 of the 42 men who left Port Clinton in November 1940 were with the unit on Bataan Peninsula. On April 9, 1942 they were captured. Only 10 of the 32 local men survived the Bataan Death March and three and a half years as prisoners of war.

Death March
Captured Japanese Photo of the Death March.

Little was made of the plight of the brave men on Bataan who gave their lives to preserve our freedom. They did this without complaint, proper weapons, food, medication, and water. They were the "forgotten" warriors who surrendered to the Japanese only because they were forced to do so. Company C, Tank Battalion gave their lives to save our freedom and many died, but even those who survived the brutality of the Japanese lost the essence of life, their youth, and their idealism on Bataan. They never lost their faith, though, that America would come to their rescue, nor did they lose their faith in themselves and in God. As Americans, we owe them a debt of gratitude for our lives. For this very reason, they must be recognized and remembered in the annals of history, and also memorialized so no one forgets the sacrifices they gave for their country-The United States of America.

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